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As Private DRM Polyclinic, we serve our valued customers with our expert staff equipped with the most advanced technologies for a healthy and beautiful life. As a clinic, we offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of each individual by adopting high quality standards in the aesthetic and medical fields.

Laser Epilation
What are the Advantages of Laser Epilation?
Laser epilation method is applied to each region of the body comfortably. Compared to other types of epilation, the process takes a lot of time, and there is no restriction on the disease after epilation (Not entering the sea, not taking a shower, etc.). Those with relatively white-skinned and darker-colored feathers may achieve the desired result in a much shorter time than those with dark and light-colored feathers. In order to shorten the duration of the treatment, the patients need to apply cutting treatments such as weaving, padding, rope, etc. between the sessions.
How Many Laser Epilation Clinic Sessions Must Be Applied?
The laser affects clay roots in active anagen. All clay roots in the body do not become active at the same time. For this reason, passive (roots) roots need to be applied to these roots as they become active. A successful result in this regard can only be achieved after several epilation sessions. Killaran’s density and thickness are different in each body, it is very difficult to give definite number of sessions, it changes from region to region and from beginning to end.
Regional Review
Rate Your Cellulitis!
Grade 1 Cellulite: When you tighten with your hand, there is pitting. Grade 2 Cellulite: Only pitting occurs at certain positions. 3rd Degree Cellulite: Pitting is visible at every downturn. (standing & lying)
VelaShape III
VelaShape III is the perfect non-surgical method for the treatment of problem areas that cause women to be dissatisfied with their body images. VelaShape III offers reproducible body shaping therapy that is unique, easy to use, does not require home closure, is comfortable, is deeply effective, delivers consistent results with advanced clinical protocols.
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